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Build the Core Foundation Skill Set of Clinical Health Data Science

About the Course

The fast growing field of Health Data science is a multidisciplinary industry requiring pan professional collaboration and fluidity. Healthcare professionals of all kinds from medical students, nurses, surgeons all the way to physiotherapists have their part to play in the digitalisation and revolution of healthcare.

Course taught by Dr Raphael Olaiya and Wian Stipp. Taught by a professional working machine learning engineers and a doctor data scientist.


What Will I Learn?

The course covers the fundamental core components of the skills needed to be a valuable and productive professional in the world of health data science.

Health Data science is the intersection of medicine, computational/data science, healthcare and project management and communication. This course specialises in teaching the root concepts of health data science. So that learners interested in becoming well equipped to deal with the fast evolving world of healthcare and then be able to build solid technical skills sets.

Who Is It For?

This course is designed for Doctors, Nurses, health students who are interested in learning the foundations of health data science and AI.


Learners should have a background in health related study or medicine. No previous data science, coding, statistics or math is required to benefit from this course.

Course Structure

Course Content

1) Introduction Clinical Health Data Science, AI & Genomics for Doctors & HCPs

2) When to use Python and the Python interface

3) The importance of Big data and Small data in healthcare

4) Ontology, Interoperability and Data Linkage in healthcare

5) Genomics, Precision Medicine and Genomic Wide Association studies. GWAS

6) Health Data Science Career and Self Development Road Map)